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On behalf of TIPAAA and CNO, we recruit a host of Network Partners to participate in the CNO Network: Self-funded employers and select Payers, Clinical Provider Networks and HME/DME Vendors Suppliers.

For Self-Funded Employers
and Payers

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) chronic conditions represent in excess of $6 billion in annual direct medical costs. Developing and managing effective care plans that improve outcomes and lower costs for these patient population segments requires collaboration among Physicians, Pharmacies and other Clinical Providers.

The TIPAAA and CNO Networks provide self-funded employers and select Payers an opportunity to meet quality and cost-reduction targets for specific chronic conditions. Contact us to learn more about carve out solutions for diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, DME, Physical Therapy, and more.

For Clinical Network Partners  

Through a collaborative process and a unique technology platform, CNO Clinical Network Partners support Physicians in the management of a patient’s compliance to medication, product therapies and in-clinic therapy regimens.

CNO Clinical Network Partners include Pharmacies, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other clinical providers. Contact us for more information and to become a CNO Clinical Network Partner.

For HME and DME Suppliers 

Controlling the cost and delivery of health care requires improved efficiencies and greater alignment between HME/DME Suppliers and the non-clinical Network Providers that deliver these patient therapies.

CNO helps enable that efficiency and alignment by providing the opportunity to work more closely with its Network Partners: Self-funded Employers, Payers and Physician prescribers.

If you would like to become a CNO Supplier or non-Clinical Provider, contact us to learn more.